Polypropylene Hand Strapping - Tools & Dispensers

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12mm Semi Open Strapping Seals – (2000/Box)£26.90£24.79£22.23£21.15From:
12mm Serrated Strapping Seals – (1000/Box)£32.00£29.00£27.20£23.40From:
16mm Semi Open Strapping Seals – (2000/Box)£31.40£26.20£23.65£21.15From:
16mm Serrated Strapping Seals – (1000/Box)£46.47£43.69£41.97£40.15From:
Polypropylene Strapping – 12 x 0.5mm x 2000m – 135kg£31.25£29.60£28.10£26.50From:
Polypropylene Strapping – 12 x 0.65mm x 1500m – 190kg£30.30£27.75£25.75£24.90From:
Polypropylene Strapping – 12 x 0.76mm x 1200m – 235kg£30.30£26.75£25.98£24.85From:
Polypropylene Strapping – 12.5 x 0.86mm x 1000m – 300kg£31.00£29.60£28.10£26.50From:
Polypropylene Strapping – 16 x 0.67mm x 1200m – 275kg£40.46£35.43£33.38£28.60From:
12mm Polypropylene Strapping Sealer£39.31£36.57£n/a£n/aFrom:
Polypropylene Strapping Tensioner 12-16mm£48.76£45.42£n/a£n/aFrom:
12mm Polypropylene Combination Tool£139.00£135.00£n/a£n/aFrom:
16mm Polypropylene Strapping Sealer£66.00£63.00£n/a£n/aFrom:
16mm Polypropylene Combination Tool£145.00£140.00£n/a£n/aFrom:
Heavy Duty Polypropylene Strapping Tensioner 12-16mm£149.00£145.00£n/a£n/aFrom:
Static Polypropylene Strapping Dispenser£64.70£59.00£n/a£n/aFrom:
Mobile Polypropylene Strapping Dispenser£95.00£88.00£n/a£n/aFrom:
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Polypropylene Hand Strapping, Tools & Dispensers

Polypropylene hand applied strapping and seals. For use with our polypropylene strapping tools. A cost effective way of bundling goods and securing pallets.
All prices shown are per coil excluding VAT